Review of 2017

Let’s talk about 2017. It definitely had its ups and downs as every year does. As I’m looking through the camera roll on my phone to remind myself of everything, I see how much I have changed and grown this year.

After a long period of not dancing, I started taking classes at Dance101 in Atlanta. I don’t live in Atlanta yet, so I have to drive an hour just to get there and an hour back. Call me crazy, but I call it passion. There is nothing else in the world that I love as much as I love dance.

I got around… around the world, that is. I took my first international trip in April when I went to China. I learned some Mandarin, which is a really hard language to learn if your native language is English. I am going to need a refresher course soon because all I remember is “Ting Bu Dong” which means I don’t understand. I also took a dance class in China. That was one of my favorite classes because the choreography was amazing and I was challenged with only being ablate rely on movement and gestures for directions. The teacher didn’t speak English and I didn’t know much mandarin… although I did learn pretty quickly how to count to 8.

Another highlight of the year, I celebrated my 2017 birthday in Colorado where I got to watch my cousin (and best friend) graduate from her high school. Although it was a short trip, it was filled with love and good memories. FYI, the TJMaxx (my favorite store) in Castle Rock is amazing.

I also travelled to Miami for the first time with my mom and younger sister. We ate a lot, shopped a lot, and went paddle boarding in the ocean which was so much fun. Also, the Marshall’s (another fav store) in Miami is huge.

In 2017, I got more involved in the kids ministry at my church. I love volunteering and being able to make a positive impact on the young impressionable lives in kids church.

I enrolled in college. I don’t have much to say about this but as much time of my life it took, it is worth the mention.

In September, my older sister got married. It was a beautiful wedding in Jonesboro, Georgia at a venue called the Magnolia House and Garden (This venue is beautiful and is run by an amazing ministry). I was the maid of honor and gave a killer MOH speech.

I cut my hair and finally got bangs. I have been wanting bangs since I went to China. Say what you want about me but all the girls in China have bangs, so I decided that I wanted bangs too. Now I finally look 21 instead of 12 and I am super cute and confident. Also, I don’t have to fill in my eyebrows anymore.

In December, I hosted a Christmas Dinner Party. This party was very fancy and elegant. My mom and I spent the entire day before and day of cooking and decorating for the party. Also I made homemade hot chocolate that was to die for. I tell people that it is a secret recipe, but really I found it online. It counts as a secret if I don’t tell people, right?

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