20 is Plenty

Welcome to May 2018! I turned 20 this month, which means that I became a “real adult.” Being a real adult means nothing and everything at the same time. To my like 6 followers, stay tuned because I get to share all my adulty wisdom with you. In the meantime, I will tell about some of the highlights of my 20th birthday:

I woke up an hour before the rest of my roomies so that I could have time to chill solo. I went outside and thought about my life, something I should do more of.

My mom and I went to Superica, one of my favorite restaurants. They have bomb tacos, and even though I am a vegetarian, I always make an exception for Superica. Always.

At the end of the day, I walked into a surprise party thrown by some friends that are new to my life. It was so heart warming, the length that these people went to show me that I am loved, accepted, and part of the group.

I also took a really great nap, so honestly my day was great.

20 is plenty. It is weird and a bit awkward because I am in between life phases, and that is okay. 20 is a weird age, but I am off to a wonderful start.


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