19 for 2019

In case you don’t know this about me, I am a resolution type of girl. I love everything New Years; I love goal setting; and I really really love self-improvement. One of my favorite self-help/personal growth figures is Gretchen Rubin. She is the author of The Happiness Project and the voice of one of my favorite podcasts, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. In the podcast, Gretchen and her sister, Elizabeth, talk all things happiness, goal setting, and habit change. In a few episodes, there is a segment where the sisters present an idea called “19 for 2019.” 19 for 2019 is a list of 19 things to be accomplished in the year 2019. I know, I know, this is quite an ambitious number if you are thinking resolutions or goals, but don’t be intimidated. These do not have to be your usual lose weight, move cities, change your life goals. Think more like a bucket list. Anyways, I loved the idea so much that I created my own list of 19 goals for 2019.

1. Update Spotify Playlists
My taste in music is ever changing and let’s be real… most of my playlists are old news and very much overplayed.

2. Make a Tap Board
So, I am a tap dancer and I want to practice more often, but I don’t get around to the studio for tap much anymore. I also can’t tap on the carpet at my house. Does that stop me from doing my thang? Lol yes, but not this year.

3. Replace Car Key Battery
I know how to do it. I know which battery to buy. I just haven’t cared enough to get it done immediately. It is a slight inconvenience that I want to fix. And I will do it this year, dang it!

4. Get Car Repaired
There are some things in my car, just like the battery in the key that I need to get repaired. It is almost all cosmetic, so it doesn’t stop me from driving and therefore can be put off for later.

5. Clean Car
I went on one too many road trips last year and it shows.

6. Travel Solo
I love to travel, but I have never travelled with just me and my things. This is the year.

7. Take a Day Trip to Savannah, GA
I live just a few hours from the very historic and very artsy city of Savannah. I have been talking about taking a day trip but the followthrough… lol. I have a friend who lived in Savannah for some time and we are planning a good day trip for the Summer.

8. Have a Spa Day
We all need one of these.

9. Make 3 New Friends
I put this on my 18 for 2018 and I will absolutely talk about it in the future, but spoiler: I overcame the terror of hanging out with someone new and the result of that has changed my life.

10. Take a Ballet Class
You can never have too much ballet. I can easily cross it off the list which can give me some momentum for the more challenging of the 19.

11. Take a Friend to a Dance Class
This was also on my 18 for 2018. It was scary at first, but I ended up bringing a friend along almost every time. Dancing alone can be so liberating, but bringing a friend is always a blast!

12. Take a Tap Class
My favorite tap class doesn’t work with my schedule anymore, so at least once this year, I want to take a day off and take that class.

13. Get to My Goal Weight
This will be on the list every year until I get there. It is still January, so I feel pretty good about this one.

14. Clean Out My Closet
A deep clean once a year is never a bad thing and in my current wardrobe, there are still some pieces from middle school. Why am I so sentimental?

15. Take a Yoga Class
This is another one of those easy goals that I have been talking about but the followthrough… Where ya at?

16. Host a Party
I have several new friends from my 18 for 2018 (see #9 of the 19). I want to host a dinner party, house party, or at least birthday party for my friends to meet my friends.

17. Run a Mile a Day For a Month
I hate running, but I love the idea of creating a habit of discipline… especially when it is something my body needs, but my mind does not like. I know the habit will not immediately transcend to all other areas of my life that could use some discipline, but it is a really good start.

18. Create and Stick to a Morning Routine
I recently read a book that talked about the idea of a fun morning routine. I can begin my day however I want. Why not start with a bomb playlist and jam sesh or maybe a poetry read accompanied by some Jazz music? The point is to start every day strong in whatever way that looks like for me personally. The options are endless (not forgetting about the option of no routine at all) and I would love to explore what works for me this year.

19. Celebrate Something Every Month
I will post more about this in the future, but I really want to celebrate something every month, whether it be a real or made up holiday, a friendiversary, or a small get-together with my close friends after a long week of work. Once a month, I want to celebrate the things in life, little or big.

So, this is it. These are my 19 goals for 2019. Some are clearly more of a challenge than others. Some are so easy, I could check 5 of them off in a single day. However this year goes, if I can get at least half of these accomplished, I will call it a win.

See Gretchen Rubin’s 18 for 2018 here.

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