6. Travel Solo

Hey guys! Welcome to my youtube channel. My name is Chloe and today I am going to talk about traveling solo for the first time. If you are new here, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. So let’s just get to it!

Okay, but on the real, let’s talk about solo travel. If you haven’t seen my post yet, earlier this year, I wrote about 19 things that I wanted to accomplish this year. Number 6 was to travel solo for the first time. I have read and watched about traveling solo for a few years now and I decided that this is my year. So… I booked a trip to London.

I have a million things to write about when it comes to my trip, but for now, I’m going to talk about my 19 for 2019 and my first time traveling alone.

The Thing About Being Alone

Never have I ever been somewhere alone. I mean, sure, I go places alone all the time… but I am bound to see someone that I know everywhere I go. And even then, I go home every night to see people that I am way too familiar with. It was not too hard to feel absolutely terrified of the idea of being alone for a week. I was really scared, and yet, I booked the ticket anyways. Honestly, I could not tell you why or how I booked the ticket. It might have been that I was on a whim and decided to do something crazy. Or maybe it was out of pride because I had already told way too many people about it to back down. Whatever it was, I booked the ticket to London in January and started the countdown to Spring Break.

The Preparation Thing

Ya know, I do really like to be prepared for everything. Ever since I booked the trip, I watched vlogs on youtube about London travel and solo travel almost every night. I knew exactly what I needed to pack, everywhere that I wanted to go, and every obstacle I might encounter. Well, I thought I did. Turns out, the preparation was such a good foundation for me to have, but my solo experience was not at all what I was expecting. More on that now.

Literally every building in London looks like this.

The Expectation Thing

On the last days counting down to my first trip, I started to set my expectations. I thought I would have a ton of downtime to read and journal and self reflect. Let me tell you… that was not the case. That was not the case AT ALL. You would think that spending a week by yourself would give you a ton of time to really think and stuff. Nope. 

I really did think that this trip was going to be relaxing and a time for self-reflection. I thought that I might get lonely, but that I would overcome that feeling and fall in love with being alone. I thought that I was going to sit at cafes and read so much that I would not only have to bring a book but also buy a second book while I was there. I also thought that I would  have some mental obstacles that I would face (my chronic indecision) and overcome. I also thought that I would come back home having gained the confidence of James Corden. Lol

The Reality Thing

Here is what happened. I made friends at my hostel and then I hung out with my hostel friends. And I had a blast! The few days that I actually was alone, I went around the city and explored so much that I didn’t have time to think or read or journal. London was not the chill trip that I thought it was going to be. It was life-changing for sure, but not at all in the way that I expected. I ended up not being lonely at all the entire trip, clearly. I did get in some reading, but mostly on the airplane. Those mental obstacles I was expecting to overcome didn’t really come my way. I didn’t have all the life changing epiphanies that I really wanted (and I REALLY wanted all the epiphanies). I didn’t even come back with that Corden Confidence.

My view from The Shard, London.

The Life Lesson Things

So, what did I gain from this trip? Aside from the 5 pounds and a big dip in my wallet, what did I take away? Well first of all, I had an amazing time. I proved to myself that I can make my own decisions. I proved to my friends that I am cool. I proved to their parents that I am not crazy (literally everyone’s parents thought I was insane for booking a trip across the world by myself). I learned that I am capable of saving money and that I am capable of being on my own. I learned that I am good at making friends and that it’s not so scary to meet new people or to be somewhere where I don’t know anyone. I realized that I don’t care about my appearance that much and that is okay with me. I realized that even when things do not go to plan, they can be lovely and even better than my on plans. And I don’t even have to always have a plan for things to be good (so I can probably chill out a bit). Most of all, I realized that I can live my life. I am capable of making my own decisions and my own plans. I am capable.

The one time I actually did sit down and read.

The Overall Thing

So, all of this to say, I had an amazing time on my first solo trip. The trip was not at all what I expected it would be, but it was amazing. It was literally NOTHING that I thought it would be (and I cannot stress this enough), and yet I had the most wonderful time. My first time traveling solo was everything that I needed it to be, while simultaneously being nothing that I thought it would be.

Aight thanks for watching, Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. 😉


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