Living the Dream

Middle school was a weird time. It was before I or even my personal chauffeur (AKA my older sister) could drive. I remember the summers that seemed to last forever and the endless hours that I spent scrolling through Pinterest. This was when I pinned all of my dream outfits, crafts, and holiday recipes long before I could drive to buy these things. I mean, this was long before I had a job or money to fund all of these things, but nonetheless, I would spend so much time pinning my dream life.

As we all have boards for our future homes, future vacations, and future snacks, I also had a board dedicated to iPhone backgrounds. When searching for a pink background, I remember pinning a cute pink building with some flowers hung over the door. I pinned it, saved it, and used it a my wallpaper so many times throughout high school and even after I graduated. Something about the aesthetic of it always gave me a burst of happiness when my phone lit up. Here is the OG pic from Pinterest.

the pink bike is such a perfect detail

Anyways, cut to earlier this year when I began planning for London. I was searching for things to do, places to eat, and picture perfect places to go to. I found Peggy Porschen Cakes and I got so excited when I found out that it would be in London waiting for me.

Sure, it is probably a weird thing to get excited about, but in my defense, I get excited about anything that is pink AND before you judge, I must argue that a life with whimsy is much better than a life without.

Anyways, so I got to go to this place that I have had as my phone wallpaper for years, and it was awesome. I got to see it in person, drink rose tea, and eat some amazing chocolate cake. Here are some of my pictures of Peggy Porschen Cakes, London:

Peggy Porschen CakesPPC EasterPPC

Any of my friends know that this is my own interpretation of “living the dream.” To be able to conquer traveling solo and eating alone, to be reading a book for pleasure and not of obligation, to be drinking my favorite tea and eating chocolate cake, and to be surrounded by my favorite color for just a few minutes before I resume my day exploring a city. That is my own version of living the dream and it was wonderful.



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