10/21 Thoughts of the Month

October 2021, how you doin’?

Lately, I have been wondering how in the world we got through 2020 so fast, let alone 2021. Perhaps because so little happened in my life day-to-day, as time goes by, my brain stores it as shorter period of time than it was. Honestly, compress the file; I, too, would like to forget that we are in the middle of a global Panda Bear.

This is what I am thinking about this month:

ON WORK AND FINANCES: I am currently having someone come over to do yard work for me. Am I lazy for not just completing it myself? Though I do have the time and capacity in my schedule to do it, I know that I can pay someone who can do it much more efficiently than I. He also has power tools that are much better than the 20 year-old tools I’ve collected from various estate sales. Yes, it will cost me money, but it brings me happiness to have a project done that I did not have to complete myself… and isn’t the point of specialization to get paid for what I am good at and pay people to help with the things I am not??? If I can reasonably afford it, why not?

ON THE WEATHER: Now that it is officially fall and the weather is reflecting it, I am glad to announce that I can finally wear sweaters again. For whatever reason, lately I have found myself to dress a little more modest when it comes to showing my shoulders. Shoutout to my high school “nurse”/attendance tyrant/dress code enforcer. Sweatshirts have become a staple piece for me and I am finally able to wear them comfortably. I am enjoying rotating through my collection of sweaters as well and receiving compliments for not wearing my normal self-proclaimed uniform. More on that later.

ON READING: Where the Crawdads Sing is my current read. I am just a few pages from the end and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That book has without a doubt made the list of books that I could not put down. I found myself wanting to blow off social media in order to read more and that says a lot. Struggling to read books in the last year or so, I realized that I was taking the wrong approach to reading. In my mind, I am this amazing and highly intellectual being who loves to read high level books about theology, politics, history and psychology. Turns out, I just love a solid novel that keeps me interested. So often I find myself trying really hard to read content that “matters” only to read one chapter and then avoid reading altogether for months on end. As I am accepting the idea that any book that encourages me to get off my phone is good enough, I am reading more and more and actually enjoying it. What matters is that I am making one better choice (a book instead of a screen). Period.

And because I hate conclusions, I will not be writing a conclusive paragraph. That is all. OK byeeeee!!


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