New Year, Old Book

Hello and Happy New Year! I keep writing 2021 in my checkbook… AHHH! Lol not really, but I did come here to tell you about the most recent book that I have read.

A little backstory on the book: I got it at a yard sale that my Aunt and Uncle were having. I only stopped by to drop something off for my mom. I got to the sale and my aunt had a box of a ton of books and I did not recognize a single one. She is an avid reader and had so many to recommend to me. As she was handing me books, I was so excited to begin reading some of them, but it wasn’t until about 4 years later that I actually got around to it.

You see, I have this superiority complex about me. I have a hard time thinking that new books can be as good as the ones that I have read before. I also have a hard time thinking that genre’s that I don’t typically read will be good. I randomly picked this book up and started reading it. Wow was it slow and hard to understand because it had so many story lines. Trying to push through, I would put it down and pick it up a month later.

All of the sudden, it quickened up and I could not put it down for anything. I would carve out time to read before work. I would try to get places early so I could read it in the parking lot. Nothing would keep me from finishing this story and knowing the ending.

The Husband’s Secret


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