About Me


Hey guys! Since you clicked this link, I am assuming you want to know some stuff about me… so here we go with some facts and stuff.

My name is Chloe and I am awkward, hence the name Awk Life of Chloe. I realized I was awkward around my junior or senior year of high school. It took me a long time to become self-aware; I know. Ever since then, I have tried super hard to turn my homeschool awkward (I wasn’t even homeschooled) into the cute kind of awkward. I made this blog to share some of my most awkward stories, but I keep deleting posts because this awkwardness comes with chronic overthinking.

Anyways, I guess I should talk about stuff that I like. That would be books, fries, pizza, dance, aesthetic, and trying to be cool. I read a ton. My fav genre is Self-Help because I love productivity and efficiency and improving myself. I really like fries and pizza, not usually together though. I eat my pizza with ranch and buffalo sauce when given the option. Okay so dance… I love dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was 6, which you would think means that by now I am a professional. Lol that is not the case at all. I just like to dance. You can catch me at the studio with my favorite tap shoes or on the floor of any wedding reception… regardless of whether or not I am the only one there. Next on the list is aesthetic. As a millennial, I love to “rebrand” myself constantly so I give myself a new aesthetic every few months. Finally, I love trying to be cool. I like to shorten long words (Tradish instead of tradition, futch instead of future) and keep up to date with twitter trends.

I travel sometimes.