Thing of The Week: Songs

It's Sunday, which means the start of the work week for many people, including myself. Here are some bops to get you through the commutes, the workouts, and everything between. Warm Animal // Sure Sure Call Me Back // Young the Giant Live or Die // Noah Cyrus, Lil Can R.E.M //… Continue reading Thing of The Week: Songs

2018: An Honest Review

Every year, I do a thing that I like to call my Yearend Review. I think about and reminisce on the year, including all the highs and lows that came with it. I try my hardest to close each year like a book. You know, those fancy books that come in a whole matching series?… Continue reading 2018: An Honest Review

Review of 2017

Let's talk about 2017. It definitely had its ups and downs as every year does. As I'm looking through the camera roll on my phone to remind myself of everything, I see how much I have changed and grown this year. After a long period of not dancing, I started taking classes at Dance101 in… Continue reading Review of 2017